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The Scorpion King - Book Of Souls (2018)

The Scorpion King - Book Of Souls (2018)

So it's time for yet another take on the Scorpion King dynasty! And a good one, too. It took a while for it to convince me, but as they cross through the portal, and then the oceans, and move through the tomb... it grows on me.

The final showdown was small in scale, as was the chase - as they were with previous movies, and this is one thing I still hold against it, especially considering the scale and threat levels of the armies presented in the beginning. At least the sacrifice is all the more prevalent here. The eyes glow, the blue moon is beautiful, the swords spark fire as they rally against each other and the hero stands tall behind the flames... it looks good. It's a romantic adventure too, like only movies of this particular place and time seem to be, and Peter Mensah plays a good villain.

I wasn't sure about Zach McGowan as the Scorpion King (main hero of our story), but he did alright despite the sometimes unnaturally low-key voice, in good company of the beautiful Pearl Thusi and Katy Louise Saunders.

Not to not mention the fierce Mayling Ng (I saw her recently in Lady Bloodfight), mysterious Inge Beckmann, and the you-may-not-know-he-was-there always appreciative Muai-Thai Giant Nathan Jones! Of course I'm probably forgetting a few.

And hey, there's even a little parkour sequence! In the land before time. Along the desert dunes. It reminded me a bit of Assassin's Creed, though it feels refreshing and new in this particular context.

All in all: a pretty damn good movie. Atmospheric as few, and it grows on you as it goes. Even if certain parts of the plot are a bit too expected, and it's far from perfect in every way, there's enough atmosphere, relation and newness here for me to gladly give it a solid:

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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