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The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)

The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)

What do pets do when you close the door in the morning? If that's a question you've ever asked yourself... maybe you don't really want to watch this movie, because strange things do happen behind the doors herein. ;) Had no strange circumstances come into play maybe nothing special would have happened, and like every other day in the year the dog would sit by the door, waiting, the ever obedient and incredibly appreciative stereotype, but on this one particular day things go crazy...

It all starts with Max (the dog) and Katie (the owner), who have a great relationship, but when Duke comes into the picture it all goes wrong. They're at odds from their first meeting, and on a routine walk through the park they wander astray, have their tags stolen by a vicious gang of cats, get caught by the dog catchers and are on their way to the pound when a vicious rabbit by the name of Snowball takes control of the van and busts out one of their fellow passengers (I knew I recognized the voice! Kevin Hart is the rabbit! Louis C.K. is Max, btw).

Max and Duke ask if they can come with, so that they may escape their captivity and make it home, and are soon knee-deep in the slimy underbelly of the city where animal renegades fuel their anger and resentment towards humans, taking every opportunity they can to wreck havoc on the above-ground world. Along the way they bond, and meanwhile - on the other side of the river, the fluffy white Pomeranian Gidget stages a rescue mission. Max and Duke manage to escape after accidentally killing a one-eyed viper, but the crazy rabbit's hot on their tail....

It's not all that bad though - it's still a family movie, but it is adventurous! Fun, fierce and with plenty of feeling. Also an unexpected side-tour musical through a sausage factory (maybe a subtle Sausage Party homage?). It starts well, ends well, and depicts pets as - unlike most movies that deal with the animal topic: pets.

Maybe that makes it all the more relatable. Maybe not, since I have neither dog nor cat anyway, but the stereotypes are a big part of the characters, and not a bad part. No matter how crazy it gets, they're still loyal, and this one day this is one entertaining secret life they lead. It was a fun one to follow.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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