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The Stratum (2023)

The Stratum (2023)

It's a spacey, post-acocalyptic, futuristic, sci-fi movie, about a world where the air's no longer breathable, and humanity is ruled by one great, benevolent corporation... with an unexpected NWA acronym - that worked better than expected! Nicely done.

The special effects suck, everything else is great. The tech, the props, the atmospheric lighting. But most of all the relationship between Crash Buist and Lauren Senechal. It's charmingly chaotic, and Lauren in particular is just wonderful. Great chemistry.

They turn a dystopian world into a better place... well not all the way. But they're working on it.

Ends a little like Alita: Battle Angle. But the other way around.

You'll get it.

Seems they could have a sequel but I wonder if they will... this is wholesome too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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