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The Suspense

If any of you checked in on the site about fifteen minutes back you probably noticed the Suspended Account message that decorated the front page... and all pages for that matter. I contacted my host as soon as I found out about it (since they hadn't sent me any email) and it turns out it was just a mistake. So, that's a relief. Site is back up since about fifteen minutes, hope the downtime didn't bother you too much. Like, if you were in the process of reading through a blog just before the site was suspended and suddenly without reason decided to refresh the page and therefore missed the latter extremely interesting part of the blogpost. That would be bothersome. Just imagine if that happened just after you had reached the 'hope the downtime didn't bother you line'... wouldn't that be insanely aggravating? Well oki dokey then, I'm just happy it's all sorted out. If you still want to feel the suspense, just keep right on, because there should be some nice updates to the site tomorrow afternoon. I'll speak again then.


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