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The Thing (1982)

The Thing (1982)

They sure had cool cover images back in the day!

Kurt Russel really got it. The Old Thing, it was the Big Thing. It still is. Great props. Explosions. A team of researchers isolated out in the snowy... I don't think we are ever told where exactly, but I assume it takes place somewhere North.

It all starts at the barracks, with Kurt playing chess in what appears to be a research outpost, when two crazy Norwegian researchers stumble into their camp chasing a wolf. They're trying to blow it up, when they accidentally blow up their own helicopter and shoot a man on the team (I wasn't sure if was accidental until later) - and get shot in return. So, Kurt and Co go to the Norweigen camp to explore. It's a burnt-out place, void of survivors, except for... The Thing.

It's a good flick, not directly scary, a little bit grotesque, but most of all it's intense. One after another the characters go, and as if it's detective fiction we're left to wonder who is really who; unveil the mysteries as to who did what and where everyone really is. It's a refreshingly reckless venture too. Everyone wants to survive, but in the end they care more about destroying the Thing than about saving themselves, which sets it apart from the dime a dozen horror movies out there. Gritty cinematic suspense of the oldskool type; nicely done. I like it.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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