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The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

What a twist! And then what a twist. And what a twist at the end too.

I was sure I'd seen this one before, but now that I've seen it again I only remember fragments... didn't I watch it till the end last time around? What put me off about it then?

The topic of virtual reality is as relevant as ever, and the world layered on top of the other one reminds me of Inception. Maybe this is the movie that pioneered the rest of them. Maybe this was where it all started - and both this and The Matrix on the same year to boot.

Seems the other one might've cast it's shadow over this masterpiece, even if it does get a little cheesy sometimes, the special effects aren't flawless (though they do all adhere to their time) and once you've figured things out: you've figured it out. You pretty much know how it'll go after that. All the little details seem almost too obvious when they start appearing.

It reminds of Dark City that way, too, and comparing the two I think this one kept the veil a little bit longer.

There must've been something special with that one year bridging the millennial gap, huh? Making way for such mind-screwing movies as this one. Tech on the rise. Parallel worlds and dimensions, simulations, figments of imagination... they keep making them, but this decade seems to have been the very pinnacle of not post-apocalyptic (like we have now) but more post-psychological sci-fi. Thrillers bordering on other worlds.

It's filmed well. The actors do their acts well. Each world feels authentic and typical of its time - and the thirties in particular were refreshing to waltz through, until you realize... that's just a tiny part of the bigger picture.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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