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The Tracker (2019)

The Tracker (2019)

Dolph Lundgren's back, baby! what I wish I'd say, but unfortunately it's a good name for a not-so-good movie.

It's not his fault though. He did alright, and so did the Italian Keanu Reeves (Marco Mazzoli), but the intro sequence that explained the title seemed like it was there just to progress the plot, and explain how the main character so easily manages to find the bad guys, even when there are no perceivable leads.

The action's sub-par, the explosions look fake, the intrigue's alright but lacks both believability and that something extra. And those baby pictures, man, newborns don't look like that!!!

It wasn't all bad, it had a few twists, and some unconventional and authentic choreography, but in the end it all boils down to one more mediocre bout of human trafficking action/thriller drama that I doubt I'll remember much of in long. It reminds me a little of the action movies of the early nineties, which is a redeeming quality to me, but probably not for everyone. Not all bad, but not much more than that.

 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad


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