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The UN-Pastry

Monday this week was FN Day, or the UN Day as you know it. United Nations in international tongue, Förenade Nationer in Swedish, and via this vague reference on my calender I somehow stumbled upon a Wikipedia article of this pastry, and I decided to buy one!

Problem is, the Wikipedia article of the pastry seemed to be the only mention of the pastry anywhere. Could it really be a one-time thing? Hopefully it was but a rare, untraditional delicacy reserved only for this one day? But where might they serve it? I checked the local confectionary, but they were closed on Mondays! I Googled. I searched for the closest cafes I could reach during my rut into Stockholm and back, before or after work, and consulted my dad and sister (who are both great pastry affectionados) for advice, but they knew nothing. They hadn't even heard of the UN-Pastry before, or the FN-Bakelse as it's known as here - it doesn't seem to be an international thing.

It doesn't seem to be a national thing either though. On Monday I Googled the great wide web again, searching for specific-to-this-day tidbits of info, or any special events where this delicacy may be served, but I found none. I thought about going on a run through the city after work to find a cafe that might serve this particular piece, but after work I was tired of work and... just took the train home. And thus, the search for the UN-Pastry was at a close.

I'm not a cafe type of guy otherwise. I don't frequent those places. There's no such place nearby either - if there had been I'd stopped by to see if there was something there at least, but jumping off the train and running around to probably return empty-handed anyway, pastryless and depressed... that didn't seem like a good plan. Google did inform me of a UN commemoration in Lund, where some pastries may have been served, but that would've been one incredibly expensive pastry, price for trip and return trip tickets included. So... maybe next year?

Fat Tuesday's the most important date though! I'll be sure to celebrate that with a fat slice when it comes, as I have the previous years for quite a few years now, and hopefully post some pictorial evidence of whatever they serve with it. It arrives just in time for spring, too! Two things to look forward to there. Pastries, and snow-less paved streets, and an abundance of sun, when Spring has begun: when we're hopefully still enough fit to have a mingle and fun, and eat some sugar-sprinkled, creamy, almond-mince-filled buns. Instead of a UN-Pastry.


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