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The Unriddable Unsorted Bookmarks Folder

ARGH! I just found something extremely aggravating. It's a folder in my list of bookmarks by the name of 'Unsorted Bookmarks', and it can't be deleted. Really, I looked around and it turns out it really can't be deleted.

I decided to get rid of a bunch of bookmarks I really don't need this weekend, and suddenly this folder is at the bottom of the list. I can't delete it; I can't even move it. I haven't seen it before because my list of bookmarks has been loooong and I'd have to scroll to the very bottom if I wanted to find it, but now that I don't (have a long list of bookmarks), I'm supremely annoyed. Why can't it be moved? Why can't it be deleted? Why isn't there an official option (I don't want to hack around with user code) to remove or hide it? Why not let users chose if new bookmarks are added to the regular bottom of the list or into this folder?

I don't know about other people. Maybe some have huge lists of bookmarks and don't care, but I do. I want to keep only the relevant. If I visit a site and want to go back, I star it temporarily, visit it, then remove it. At least that's the way I'd like to handle my bookmarks. I also don't want to have to open a drop-down section of the menu every time I visit a site. It may not be a big distraction, but it's a distraction that could easily be avoided. So Mozilla, please change this! Time to go tell support about a possible effort.


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