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The Vastless

Beyond the void of space and time, through both pain and grace sublime, lie the hearths of tasteless slime, below the Earth in raging shine.

No wait...

A haven of innovation this is, brimming with talonfuls of the most talented tale-tellers and tattletales, crafty craftsmanship and crazy creativity!

Noo, wait a min...

I am me! Miami be damned if you don't let me go get the dope yet new hope you won't forget,
Don't forfeit no wars mate it's peace but only four plates so fight for them, only the fortunate get four ace(s).

Just a second...

The sun is shining and the rain is pouring down, green leaves glowing luminously under a darkening sky with a sun still peeking down through the shallow blue. Sweet smell of dust flushed away, drifting in through a little open window, memories of a faded dream.

It's no use, why finish, why fight? I can't write, eighteen minutes to mid night.


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