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The Weekend Jumped

Went on a cruise last Saturday, as I think I mentioned, and it was amazing. Since then I've been busy on the site (not that you've noticed any changes, I'm going through the archives) and sorting stuff before the departure to our summer place. Well, not mine, I'm flying up on June 7, my parents left earlier, today, by car. We celebrated Mothers Day yesterday (though it really is tomorrow) with homemade cake, poem & various eatable goodies and spent this morning packing.

I now have the house to myself (rare occasion) for a whole week, woo! Wish I had time to savor this spectacular event but there's a bunch of things that get in the way, stuff I gotta do before summer arrives and I take my yearly leave to the lush green wilderness of Northern Sweden. Going to a motor show tomorrow though, so that'll be fun. :)

I'll keep you posted.


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