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The Wig (2005)

The Wig (2005)

And then... it was the camera!

You know what happens when you make a wig from the hair of a dead body? Well who knows, probably nothing, but if that hair belonged to a particularly vengeful spirit then the hair just might come back to haunt you, and those you care about, and change your perceptions of reality so you don't know what is real or not any longer, or who is who, and what really goes on here. This is one hairy story of such a situation, masterfully mannered in the way only the Japanese can: the eerie, scary, gritty, depressing, strange, surreal, heavy, moody atmosphere that leaves you... in real horror... occasionally... but for the most part simply uncomfortable and affected.

It's not a movie with that many jump scares or surprises, but it spooks subtly, burdens through an atmosphere of ever-increasing tension and difficult relations. They say blood is family but... some families get pretty bloody. Can't say this movie got me in a good mood - quite the contrary, but it was made well. Fo' sure.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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