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The Window Change

Back in the day I used to love this song. I used to sing along with the "Taaaake meeee, to the magiiiiic of the mooooment... on a gloooory night, where the children of tomoooorrow dream awaaaaay... and the window changed..."

Yeah... so I was a little bit off back then, but this post title is definitely no typo. As I mentioned earlier, all the houses in our community have been having their windows changed, and ours was last in line. Every day we've been getting up before seven, eating breakfast upstairs, then eating breakfast downstairs, then eating breakfast in the washing room when the rest of the house was fully occupied, occasionally eating most of our breakfast outside in the chilly October air. We've spent most of the days outside, walking around aimlessly, taking it easy for a change.

Today marked the last stage of our struggle, just in time for a weekend (I still plan on getting up before seven though, it's easier to break a habit than it is to keep it). The workers drove away and left us with a curtainless abode, shiny new window glass and a soft coat of dust to vacuum. Fun times! Yesternight was the first time I actually felt comfortable going to sleep at ten too, so I guess we've all attained a better morning habit in addition to these new looking glasses.

So here's an ode to our abode, for old times! ;)


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