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The Wipebook

Kickstarter is just full of amazing projects, like the doublesix dice, or like this.

The wipebook is a re-usable notebook, like a whiteboard and notebook combined, with better ink so you only need to erase something if you want to. Sounds like I'm advertising the product, don't it? :P Anything you jolt down can be permanent, or it can be temporary, whichever way you want it. Good stuff, and even though I don't believe it'll be the 'last notebook you'll ever buy' like they claim... the idea is pretty useful for stuff like papermation, brainstorming or how about short presentations?

This is actually the second Kickstarter for this project. First one didn't go so well, but I was kinda involved with that one. Not sure if it was my advice that paid off, but now that the thing's gone viral and far surpassed the funding goal This time I feel like helping out! How's this (just throwing in a random promotional image from their page here, hope they don't mind)?


It's around 1,500 backers at the time of posting, so you still have a chance to get eternally engraved in this important historical landmark of inventiveness and genius. :)

Also, one thing they did with the last Kickstarter was post a quick doodle for every day of their funding, I thought I'd post their previous visual below, just because... well for some reason I saved the images (for the reason they were pretty entertaining images) and it looks like they're not around anymore. Don't be discouraged though, they persevered, and this time they've already passed the first milestone! Hope it'll spread over the world like a plague, so I can buy one without paying for shipping...


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