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The WolfCop (2014)

The WolfCop (2014)

WolfCop is gritty, violent, and reminds me a little of Ghosts on Mars and Planet Terror. In other words, it's good! It's the kind of movie that could've become a cult classic if it wasn't made to look just like a cult classic. It's got that grungy, Southern, supernatural feeling you know? No? Well it's a good feeling.

The main character's a rough-looking alcoholic officer, who one day wakes up with a pentagram carved into his chest, and that night something strange happens to him. Hint *wolf* hint. From there on out dark secrets are uncovered in the small town idyll he lives in. Things get weird. Things get alien. He blows up a Meth lab in a barn and stops a band of bandits, and other things.

In the final scene, when the Wolfcop says "I could use a drink" and the woman "I could use a hospital," I feel good. Satisfied. Like all is as it should be... even though his best friend (he was weird anyway) is dead and he's now a part-time wolf. And then they limp away into the non-existant sunset! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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