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The World God Only Knows 12

Finally the final episode of the season! After freeing the girl from books we're brought back to the home of our main character. In this episode he is both main and minor character, death god and mom the only other momentary figures. Seems like the previous book addiction arch hasn't changed him any, he still lives in a dream world. More now than ever. Will he ever get out of it? Is he trapped in a realm of delusion and happy fantasy endings? Is this a happy ending? Will there be a second season? Yes there will be a second season, but for now, this marks the end of the first one. Not that it's much of an ending, but whatever, here are captions and after that - to be continued.

The Episode Starts

Sparkling Dazzling Clean Up

Tired Slap


Slapped Red

Key Pops

6 Screens

Game God


Glued In

Digital Wave


Happy Endings

Controller Control

Sippin Tea



Dream Fields


Insane Gaming Setup

Looking Fresh!

World Going Dim

Too Much Gaming

Delusional Main Character

Game Girls

Into The World Of Fiction

After Credits


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