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The World's End (2013)

The World's End (2013)

This movie was crazy. Crazy in a good way.

I'm not sure I liked the ending (I like the way it ends, don't get that wrong, I just feel like it was all rather sillily acted out - it had so much potential and yet it seems they just wasted it somehow). The end is really a topic I could post an entire blog about, but lets not delve into matters which transcend our understanding... like some religious people say. OK, well let me just say that I think it ends the way it ends because this is the third part in a set of three movies made by the same two directors (Simon Pegg and that other one), and it seems the endings (along with the character roles) are intentionally varied in each one. They all have a distinct twist to them, almost like there's a pattern, and this is the final one so there's more of... eh... some element of emotion that completes the pattern? Some variation to the form of surprise? Some variation to the amount of characters who survive? Also, that Cornetto part made me realize the big guy does have some awesome acting potential (plus Cornetto seems to a theme in all three moves... brand advertising I wonder?). But moving on...

The movie itself starts off rather regularly. I was actually not so hyped up about watching this movie particularly because of this deemed regularity. The movie is supposedly just about a group of friends getting back together and going for a golden mile: a run through twelve pubs total for one pint each. That sounds a bit dull, doesn't it? Well fortunately the plot is much more elaborate than that, it's a grand sci-fi conspiracy, with plenty of comedy, plenty of action, chases, drama, romance... the whole suite.

It also has a great set of characters and tons of conversation... which I'd expect would lower the entertainment value, but it's strange how British movies always manage to turn conversation to their benefit whereas other nations often make it the most boring part.

One of the things I admire with not just this movie but the two previous ones are the introductory flashbacks, which are so detailed it's like they are separate movies. Everything is filmed in a both playful and genius manner, with plenty of references to the previous two movies, and references to other general comedy along the way. It's just a blast to watch. Roles are reversed, tension builds up, characters break down, it goes one way then the other, and smack in the middle you have kids having their heads chopped of and spewing blue goo. From the very first frame till somewhere just before the end, this was a movie to enjoy! Not non-stop action mind you, but non-stop eventfulness. Great work!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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