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There's Something In The Barn (2023)

There's Something In The Barn (2023)

Norwegian movie. About an American family who moves to Norway, to a house... with a barn.

The utopian winter landscapes are a nice contrast to the horror, the soundtrack's top-notch, the sfx too, they have real moose, they have a real American family too it seems - at least a real American male in the lead - which provides a real culture crash - and the family's a charming one from the start. Reminds me a bit of the new Ghostbusters movie but... better. Well no. Not really. Just closer. Scandinavia too. It's cool.

The filmography's so damn clean too. So bright. So sharp. It's unconventional horror, with comedy, one that parodies both America and Norway on an appreciatively equal basis - Norway maybe most of the two. Just hope more people don't start moving to Scandinavia after this...

The special effects are not great, not always, but... what a great movie after all.

It's close to home. Love the location; the people in it.

I'm especially impressed with Townes Bunner - the kid, though the whole family's so wholesome. Martin Starr, Amrita Acharia, Zoe Winther-Hansen. They're all so different, but somehow such an obvious family after all. Maybe the differences are really what make them a family after all...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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