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This Infernal Cold!

I got another one! It started in my throat, this Sunday, and took over my body with a fever until it gave in and withdrew up into my sinuses. After three days of intensive rest and curing I got back to work yesterday, thinking it was just about over, yet today I'm sniveling like there's no tomorrow and tomorrow I'm flying up to visit my Big Bro & Co in Östersund.

Emphasis on flying. I wonder how this will go...

My bags are in the process of being packed as I type this - I took a pause for procrastinational reasons, as are presents for my nephew who just hit 18 y last week. For the off chance my head isn't all cleared up tomorrow I have a pair of air-pressurizing ear plugs a la 'EarPlanes' with me too. It's a different brand, but hopefully they work just as well (as they say).

I've had them for a few years, since a time when I was also booked for a spring trip up to Östersund and just so happened to fall with my bike and get the worst cold ever (except for that one summer one where I was in bed for a month), and not only that but maybe some fracture around my thigh because I could barely walk for the week that followed. It went away though, but that time I canceled the flight, and so I've yet to see if these air-pressurizing ear plugs actually work. Sincerely hope they do.

I'm stocked with gum and invigorating essential oils too, but it'd be really fantastic if tomorrow all of this has just blown over and there was no need to worry after all. I'm taking the trip to have a good time after all. Won't be much good if I just swap the setting and keep the cold. Really hope this blows over. It blows. Over. Overthinking stuff blows too.

Suitable music here. Just swap out a word.


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