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Thor 2 - The Dark World (2013)

Thor 2 - The Dark World (2013)

I used to think Thor looked a bit silly. If you go by appearance he doesn't seem particularly powerful, he's the cliché of fair and naive and all that... but you'll be surprised. He packs a punch. He really hammers his opponents! And he doesn't lack charisma either; nor do any of his fellow Asgardian gods.

The movie is about a certain artifact, once inherited by the dark Elfs - who partook in a big war and were (supposedly) wiped out by Odin's dad and his army of Asguardians. This artifact just so happens to possess Thor's girlfriend while she travels through a space warp into another dimension, and she's taken to Asguard to be 'saved' from this item, but the Dark Elf's are all but dead, and they follow their artifact into the very heart of this godly empire. It's the end of one war, and the start of a new one; one that takes place both in the otherworld and in this world, and there are a couple of love stories intertwined.

Marvel movies always manage to marvel! The special effects blend in perfectly with whatever real effects there are. At times you can tell what's real and what's not due to the normality of a certain situation, but at other times it's not so easy. Like when they're gathered around the kitchen table eating breakfast, it's most probably real, but when Thor's hammer is swiping down through the skies... how much of that is real? Did they film the buildings in a falling motion and then edit in the hammer, or is it all digital effects? I ponder things like that a lot when watching movies like this, but usually get no answers. However, the fact that I can't tell what's real or not must mean that it's made well.

One thing that does bother me a bit are all of those Transformer sound effects. It's like we know what futuristic technology sounds like, and in all these different movies they have this same pattern of whirring sound effects for all forms of high-tech machinery. Things didn't sound like this in the old Star Wars movies, back then there was a lot more bleeping and booping and real engines firing up. I guess the sounds vary from era to era, but it would be nice with some originality please!

Anyway, the SFX aren't as distracting as I maybe make them seem, they're just becoming all too common. The audial and visual elements are both great, and the plot - despite a surplus of cliché (darkness and sacrifice and all that) - is pretty clever. Oh, a once-every-five-thousand-year occurrence again? Deja vu! It always comes in twos! Wonder who's copying who?

I didn't see the final twist coming though, or the one where Loki and Thor collaborate... and as the credits roll, we're given not just one - but two potential continuations! And an easter egg! I'm surprised enough to not even be a little pissed off about how they're turning this whole franchise into a series. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

July, 2017

Thor - The Dark World (2013)

The second one really was pretty flashy! Jane Foster taking a trip to Asgard was the highlight of the show, though these heavy-hitting enemies just keep popping up one after the other. Best one of the two...? Tough question.

I don't like seeing Stellan Skarsgård start to ridicule himself as much as he did in this one; suddenly he's gone from being the humble and helpful professor to the crazy one, but apart from that it's mostly good. I notice the Volvo, and Swedish names (Svartalfland) I didn't notice before. I'm humbled. I'm thrilled. I had a blast again, and took in a surge of emotions despite the unnecesarily Transformer-like sound effects, and am looking forward to seeing the third one soon! Marvel does make pretty exciting movies, even if they all seem the same somehow.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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