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Thor (2011)

The first Thor movie really was the best one. It's always special when they introduce characters for the first time - and having Thor crash into the human world, transformed to a mere mortal, yet unaccustomed by their customs, and with all his characteristic character quirks: that was something worth seeing!

Of course there's action too, and a devious plot, and love, and war, and all things you need in a good Marvel movie! And I do like the ties, both visual and verbal, to Nordic lore and legend. Stellan Skarsgård plays a role too, as the Swede he is, and as a humble professor. Perfect role. Chris Hemsworth plays the legend, Natalie Portman the human, Tom Hiddleston the brother, Anthony Hopkins the god, and... well there's a few others too. It's a great cast.

And the movie's great too! It's a bit more down-to-Earth than the sequels, if you could call anything involving Gods, Frost Giants and an epic power-struggle taking place in another realm down-to-Earth. It feels that way, though, and not just because Thor spends a lot of time being down, and/or on Earth. Compared to the sequels the fights are always, no matter how gargantuan, also somehow grounded, and realistic, unlike for example the fast-paced alien ship escape in the sequel.

I'm glad I watched this movie again and relived it's glory. Thor just might be my favorite character in the Marvel universe. He's not just a strange combination of charm, confidence and humility, but the one closest to home. And always entertaining - intentional or no. He's definitely worth his own series of movies, and looking back this was a grand debut.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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