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Thor 3 - Ragnarok (2017)

Thor 3 - Ragnarok (2017)

Thor is back! And so is Loki. And so is their sister.

Wait wait? As it turns out Odin had a firstborn: Hela - the goddess of death. He lived his younger days with her at his side as they took upon themselves the conquest of the nine realms... but then he grew soft, and his conquests stopped. Hela on the other hand had a bit greater ambitions, so he locked her away and chose to put a veil on their violent history.

Odin is gone now, Loki is on his throne - as the previous movie showed you if you watched past the credits, yet the war I was expecting between Thor and Loki never happens. Instead Thor returns, reveals Loki for who he is, and they go down to Earth to find Odin. Turns out he doesn't have long to live, and the only thing keeping his daughter locked away is him...

There's also a looming prophecy of Ragnarok: the doom of Valhalla, a trip to a strange planet between a bunch of portals, and a few new entertaining character appearances, like the nameless Valkyrie and the expected yet very short-lived Doctor Strange cameo. It didn't go at all as I expected, but fortunately it went a way I think was probably better than the one I thought it would go!

Compared to the prequels this one takes place surprisingly little on Earth, and though I miss the contrast between human/Godly powers it's also a refreshing change, and as Thor gains powers he didn't know he had it feels like this is where he really belongs... even if the place he truly belongs ends up getting destroyed completely and they all fall back to Earth anyway.

Bet the Doctor isn't going to like that. Also wonder what happened to his previous girlfriend, and if she might make a return in future movies...

That set aside this was a great movie! Intense from start to finish, and though the special effects are sometimes a bit much - like there's no real footage between them, they do make for an awesome experience too. Props on great performances by the new Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson... to name a few. The regular guys are as great as always.

If this is the end to the 'Thor' trilogy it's an impressive end, but if not: I'm looking forward to more! Looking forward to see how they'll all fare on... oh hey, could've been a spoiler there. ;) Guess we'll see soon, if not in the Thor movies then some other of the Marvel ones. They've built quite the repertoire of parallel worlds.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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