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Three Reviews 14

Mmm, felt like watching movies, then I felt like reviewing. What a coincidence huh?! Here you go.

Tetsuo - The Iron Man (1988)

Despite it's title, this movie has nothing to do with the more modern American box office hit with the same name. As you can probably tell by the title this is an Asian movie, more specifically from Japan, a twisted masterpiece featuring an ordinary man apparently gone crazy, with illusions of metal parts appearing from within his body. He is not alone about this, the wires intertwine, the blood flies in fountains of hideous design and the story gets more and more confusing the further it goes. That he goes crazy is just my interpretation though, maybe it's meant to portray reality, through a twisted metamorphosis of metaphors, or maybe it's all just an outtake from some bad dream the producer once had. Regardless, it's a great movie, worth watching. Did I mention it's black and white as well? Don't let that affect you though.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Iron Man (2008)

20 years later this movie comes out, the Iron Man, a story based on yet another one of Marvels marvelous comics featuring a superhero more heroic than any other with less magic and more machinery and great punchlines. Great plot, great action, great filmography and digital input. I loved watching it, and if you liked Batman, Daredevil, Hellrider, etcetc, you'll love this. Is the twenty year gap pure coincidence? Did the above inspire this? In some twisted way they are related, the moral of the story is the same, the synthetic view on society. The only thing new here is the color and justice. Oh, and the superhero, the above just contained a massive amount of broken pipes and cables, but if you look behind the scenes you will see some similarities.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Suicide Club (2002)

We all know that Asians don't have the same unmoral view on Suicide as we do, and when a cute teenage pop band starts playing a happy song this big suicide streak starts with over fifty schoolgirls jumping in front of a train at the same time. It gets worse and worse, bloodier and bloodier, and eventually the police find rolls with pieces of patched skin on the scene. Not a scary movie, but disturbing and deep. If you don't mind large amounts of sometimes a bit exaggerated but still pulse boosting blood puddles, it's definitely a recommended watch. Unless you speak Japanese, be sure to get the version with English subtitles.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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