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Three Reviews 15

I watched a few movies that weren't too great recently. They're not worthy of a one review post each, so I suppose it's time to revive the old Three Reviews series I used to be posting in ancient times.

Courageous (2011)

Courageous is the story of 3-4 police officers and a Mexican worker. It's mostly a drama about their struggles within and without the job and how fate steps in and gives them a shot, and about the brave things they do. The brave things they do are not at all as brave as the things regular action heroes do, this is more like a fictional documentary-style drama movie and though there are 3-4 chases there's only one real chase that ends in a shootout. Though you might say it's realistic and personal and down-to-earth, it just isn't my type of movie. Too much talk, too little action, so I'll give it a

 rated 2/5: decent

Arena (2011)

Arena is another take on the plotline in the movie Gamer. Not exactly the same, but similar. Nobody's controlling the characters that do battle, but they're not doing it of free will either, so it's pretty much the same. The movie features a few fights, bloody, filmed in a way that they look taken straight from a videogame. Weaponry and costumes are important things, but overall it's just a sad movie. Not sad as in I almost cry movie, but sad as in there's nothing positive about it. The action is slow and brutal, without any real stunts to liven it up. There's a lot of blood, a lot of pained expressions, a lot of viewers grimacing or laughing or making a O face. I'm sure they put a lot of money into this film and a lot of people like it, but movies like this are just crap. The plot is ok, the acting is ok, Samuel Jacksson is in the movie, but it'
s just a piece of crap. It's not that I dislike violence in movies, or violence that tries to be stylish (thin 300 or Equilibrium), but this just doesn't reach me. It's not stylish, it's not emotional, it's not heavy, it's just a sad crappy movie.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit

Inside Slade - The Singles 1971-1991 (2004)

Slade is a band I've known about for some time that most people I talk to about it don't seem to know about. They've made a lot of rock music. It's rhythmical, it has catchy refrains, and it makes you happy. All their songs are great, I love the band, but this documentary was a disappointment. I had looked forward to seeing a lot of footage of the band, live performances or music videos or whatever, as long as I could see the band and hear their music at the same time. I've only heard them on tape previously (yeah, tape, oldschool) and I was hoping this would give me an image to sync with the music. What I did get was a whole lot of talking on how and why the band was great and how they tried to reach out to different audiences or change their musical style and yada yada. Sure, for a fan there's a lot of interesting things being said, but there's way too little music. There are previews of the different singles, but they never let you hear a whole one, and they're all bad quality, there's nothing new, you'll find better footage on YouTube than in this documentary. Disappointing.

 rated 2/5: decent


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