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Three Reviews 9

Batch no9!

Hostel (2005)

Three fellow guys in search for pleasure roam around the world looking for paradise. They get a tip for the perfect place by a newly found friend they thought they could trust, but it doesn't turn out as they expected it, and they shouldn't have trusted their friend, not at all. One after another they disappear, their friends disappear and they uncover hidden, horrible truths. It's a good movie. Brutal, disgusting, bloody, but with good actors, a good story and good filming. It's not your typical Hollywood movie. No happy endings, no expected twists. It's not very scary, but it's intense and disgusting. If you don't have anything against bloodbaths, it's worth a watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Hostel Part Two (2007)

It's not over yet. The hostel is still there, the organization still exists, hiding in the shadows. This time it isn't three guys in search for the perfect place, it's three girls. Bloodier, more twisted, and with a little insight in the organization behind the whole thing. If you liked the first part you'll like this one as well. Well-filmed and with a blood-filled storyline. Will there be a part 3? I suppose so, until then.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Rocky 3 (1982)

The Italian Stallion meets Mr T in a brutal showdown, in my opinion the best match so far. Two great actors, more than two great actions, and another nice twist to Rocky's already chaotic career. How they manage to make new spin-offs featuring basically just one simple match in each and still make the movies worth watching baffles me. Another job well done!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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