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Tiger Cage 3 (1991)

Tiger Cage 3 (1991)

Woot, a SAAB in the intro scene! In a HK movie! I'm surprised (and happy)! :D

Once again it's all about the money, and since the last movie they've moved it up a level: they've digitalized it. The money's now documented and there's plenty of greed in stock. Michael Wong plays that one guy who succumbs to the power of money, and turns what could've been a routine investigation and arrest of a man to a case of blackmail and extortion that spirals out of control completely... or so you'd think. Who the real villain is, is something left till the end, yet one thing's for certain: there are no winners.

As predicted, this didn't really match up to Tiger Cage 2. Not because it was bad, but maybe actually because it was... too good. I's an emotional massacre more than it is a physical one, and the fights are particularly emotional. It's a mesh of vengeance and love, of greed and power, deception and trickery, and one particular female character is the cause of the misery they all suffer... even her own. Kwok Leung Cheung contributes most of the fighting, which there is plenty of, although not nearly as dynamic as in the prior one. The movie has a soundtrack in which one track really grabs my attention and brings to mind some track on the Grenadier OST, a both nostalgic and catchy tune, wonder if this movie inspired it?

Overall it's a great movie, even if the fights don't feature a quite as talented set of martial artists that set the last one apart. Michael Wong does play somewhat of a large role, but Kwok Leung Cheung is the lead character, I guess Michael is on the cover to lure in viewers. Though Kwok may not be as charismatic as some of the other main figures he seems to have potential at least for fights, twas a good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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