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Tokyo Raiders (2000)

Tokyo Raiders (2000)

Spy movie a la Hong Kong be here!

I've spent so many days watching through this one that it's getting pretty stupid at this point. Think I started on it about three months back, and have had sporadic catch-up sessions since - whenever time allowed. Since when did I ever have this little time in a month?! (That was last month btw.)

It's not an amazing movie really, but it's a feelgood one if you want to escape a bit, with the occasional good fight - especially in the beginning, and a little romance action love story drama that never gets all that serious or dramatic even when it has potential to.

I like the gadgets (diesel-driven skateboards?!). I like the locales (more so in the beginning too - did they start running out of budget towards the end?), but though it keeps you watching it feels like it misses the mark when it comes to both the tension and the relation. It doesn't delve deep enough. Maybe it doesn't move fast enough. The highway chase was on the verge of making it all feel pretty intense but then... it didn't after all.

Missed opportunities in all areas, traditional music mixed with techno that doesn't always do the best to build the mood, I assume a little budgetary restriction and an end that doesn't feel all that satisfying... not to mention a bit too much slow and shaky camera work. But it has its moments, and a charismatic cast, and Hong Kong!

Ain't so bad after all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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