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Tomb Raider (2018)

Tomb Raider (2018)

A Swede is the new Tomb Raider! :D Hell yeah! Just had to watch this one at the movies, and was happy to see Daniel Wu in the secondary role too. Walton Goggins makes a convincing villain as well.

Alicia Vikander put on a great performance overall, but comes across a bit flat, even if they manage to capture her curves at all the right angles. Both filming and script often feel superficial like this, and unnecessary in how she often risks much for little gain. Was she always this reckless?

I like to think the normal Lara would've taken the smarter route. Sure she'd jump over a bed of spikes if there was no way around, but if there was a way around she'd definitely take that way. Brave but not reckless. She seems a bit lost in this movie - not really herself, yet at the same time she's as confident as ever. Sometimes it's a strange combination.

They do have the puzzles, the chase, the crisis - all the necessary elements, yet it doesn't really feel like Tomb Raider until the end of it.

I also don't like the soundtrack, because it never sleeps. There's always something brewing in the background. It's never simply atmospheric noise or ambience. Never a quiet moment. No time for contemplation.

When they're making their way through the catacombs it's more like a horror movie than an adventure with the music they put in, and the special effects... what is this?! When did they start getting this lazy with special effects? The plane, the jumps... there's a lot of it. B-movie vibe.

I also don't like how her dad is portrayed more and more as a helpless old fool the further the movie goes. Lara's the one with the brains in the family. Yeah. Seven years might do that to you, but it was just sad to see him in such a state for their one reunion... wasn't he more than that? Doesn't Lara have some of his blood pumping through her veins?

Alicia gets a bit overly aggressive sometimes too. Trying too hard, maybe? Sometimes she's out of character. She's not perfect, but following Angelina Jolie she definitely has a lot to live up to, and this... it's a good start.

In summary: The movie didn't have all as much action as I hoped, nor all the adventure it could have had, and a bit too much horror for a Tomb Raider movie, a bit too much sound, a bit lazy special effect sequences (mostly in conjunction with the character) and some loose ends with all those early friends she leaves in the end, yet in the end... I did enjoy it.

I am looking forward to more. I did like the adventure, and I feel that if the twist with the tomb was presented in a better way, and her father wasn't kept alive just to let her say goodbye, her friends didn't all mysteriously vanish and get replaced by guns, she acted as vulnerable as she some times seemed, and a whole lot of other things... this could have been great. I would have loved to go higher but I just can't push this all the way past a...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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