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Damn, they're here again, after quite a few years of absence, four, I think, maybe more. I think a filling maybe fell out, tooth doesn't feel the same as it did before. I don't feel like going to the dentist either, but I suppose that eventually I'll have no choice, I'll have to go and fix this sometime and I might as well do it ASAP and keep my teeth clean forever afterwards. At least that was what I was planning on posting, I was also planning on planning that if the toothaches hadn't completely died down before the new year I'd go contact some laser specialist and get rid of this problem, but it seems they have died down, and I have this hope that somehow my teeth will heal by themselves if I start brushing them regularly like I should have. They say teeth can heal 1-2 mm by themselves, so eh, who knows, humankind must evolve a bit sooner or later, am I rite?


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