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Transformers 5 - The Last Knight (2017)

Transformers 5 - The Last Knight (2017)

It still feels like these movies aren't really back on track since the first one, and the sound design bugs me a bit, but they definitely do make for some huge-scale action scenes, and seeing Shia LaBeouf in the photo within the movie somehow lightened the tension a bit between the past and present. Even if he's a loose end they've yet to explain I appreciate their bringing him back in a humorous way - albeit for no more than a fraction of a second. The new Laura Haddock looks a lot like the original Megan Fox too.

I like the humor overall, though I dislike the feud between Transformers and Humans they keep coming back to with each one of these... only for everyone to reconcile towards the end and unite against a common foe. Same old. It's Megatron again now too, but not just him but... well you'll see. The threat's pretty big. It goes back to origins.

Mark Wahlberg is the same as always in his main role (good... I guess? I'm biased), but he gets some refreshing company with the aforementioned female counterpart, and by Anthony Hopkins, who lately seems to be playing all the more comical roles. They get some company from a stray and her Wall-E-looking Transformer robot too, as well as a robotic butler from the old days. The story traces back to King Arthur, Merlin and the dragons... that introductory flashback was pretty cool.

The places are pompous and the effects otherworldly as always, and you can't argue: it looks awesome. Michael Bay does that part well, even if I feel like the threat isn't portrayed as well as possible, and the characters keep bouncing around like they're immortal - humans and Transformers alike. It's not like it was with the early ones, and the loose ends just keep amounting. It's not perfect, but I do appreciate it for what it is: an epic battle. A grand adventure. An intense, fast-paced and fun movie to watch.

Even if a lot's like a repeat on the prequels it does have something new, too. A pretty cool something.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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