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Travel, Animations & Rabid Rations

So I'm dabbling with animation again! I thought I'd animate a little something just to make that clear... well, more like because I just felt like animating something more than the other thing I've been animating, which is a small contribution to a rather large collaboration coming soon to a portal near you. Soon as in: in a month or so, maybe?

It's been fun to mosh with Flash a bit though, and now that I'm done with this (I hope - currently awaiting confirmation) I have some music to attend to. A few other collaborations on route there. I've been letting them weigh on my mind a bit the past couple of weeks, ever since I recovered from that cold, but I've written my verses and am just about to start recording again. Kinda feels like another cold might be on route though, but I really don't want to catch it. Hope to catch a plane to Malaga instead. Thursday.

I've also been dealing with this thing, which is still very much a thing. It comes and goes. If I happen to sleep the wrong way it's worse again when I wake up, but even if I do sleep the right way it seems to come and go. Simple walks can turn into nightmares if it sets in for real.

I'm thinking it's probably not bursitis after all, but more probably something to do with the psoas muscle (a deep-seated core muscle connecting the lumbar vertebrae to the femur), and the reason I have problems with that particular muscle might be a myriad of things. I've booked a chiropractor visit to get that checked a couple days after I get back - no available times before. One more thing to be nervous about whilst traveling to foreign places, the furthest away I've been the past fifteen years at least...

Since the last semi-traditional Sunday post I've put out another hexalist update right on schedule, have kept playing GTA VC - albeit a bit more sporadically, put up a massive dose of late reviews recently (though there's more on route), a couple dreams, and no travel posts though I had planned to, but they went OK! First a trip to Budapest (Hungary) at the start of the month, and then a cruise to Turku (Finland) the week after. I've had a foot massage, tested three new cafes (all with premiere deals) and dinner at Centralbadet one day, in their little terrarium with artificial sunlight.

Those be the highlights of the last few weeks!

I've booked my first trip up North for the summer too, my nephew might be coming down in a couple weeks, and I'm bout to post some reviews. I'm choking my dues. Both old ones and new. Hope to fix this hip thing, the hiphop thing, and in a day or two maybe open my views. And perspectives. Head off to the sun and live it festive. Until next time, don't wreck spines, stay wretched.

And wise words for my nephew or niece: when stressing like bumblebees: take time to find peace or you'll regret it. This life is truly hectic. No matter your direction. The lesson: don't let sun escape you or you might wake blue... and that... is depressing. Better change the setting before you're pressed in. Cyberdevil addressing the resting.


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