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Tumbling Sunday Rambling

*tumbleweed no longer*

I've been posting movie reviews this week. And revising movie reviews. And actually watching a few movies! And some other stuff.

It feels like those reviews took up pretty much all of my time outside of work though, save for a few longer walks than usual - a couple long long ones yesterday, when the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the wind was icy. Beautiful weather. Sun. I feel alive again.

I think I just might've gotten a burn too. In February?! We don't usually have as much snow to amplify things down here though. And I usually don't walk this much in a day. And I do burn easy! Seems legit.

Managed to capture some winter views while I was at it, like:

A Winter View 2021

Planning to enter a local calendar contest with some of 'em, hopefully the inclusion threshold isn't all too high. There may be more beautiful places but I haven't had a day like this in some time! Worth a shot. And/or photoshoot.

Also my parents celebrated fifty (50!) years of consecutive marriage with some stuffed cabbage roles (dad's favorite dish - incredibly time-consuming - utmost household rarity) and roses.

I contributed a bottle of Grönsö Must, 2018.

It's been a mostly good week, albeit stressful. We've been doing a thorough inventory at work, and are swapping servers tomorrow, and come Friday I was notified my first flight of the year's been cancelled again (up North, March), and the office is on a demolition contract, and the new one - or at least the most promising new one - feels a bit boxed in.

Two rooms. Two floors. Warehouse on the lower one and office on the upper one. Two small windows on the upper and a garage door/regular door on the warehouse level. For currently a few hundred m2 of inventory and 3-5 people depending on day/workload.

The kitchen's a corner. The one bathroom by the kitchen. A stairwell between floors and connecting fire corridor in back. It doesn't feel ideal...

It's also further away than the current office is, which feels far enough. By car the new one's a 53 minute drive minimum, and by commuter train/bus/tram it's around 80. Add in walks to/from train station and that'd be roughly three hours every day. It might be alright once or twice a week, but if things go back to normal and working from home is no longer an option I Just don't think I want to spend basically a full day every week on commuting.

I don't think I'd enjoy the office space that much either. I'd rather sit in a corner or cubicle or better yet a separate room and do my thing. Potentially multiple phone calls in parallel in the same area? Potentially sort of stressful having your boss in the same place always looking over your shoulder? Eating meals in the same room? Having no walking distance between/to anything, just spending a full work day in the same small collocation room?

There are a couple restaurants nearby, which my boss likes, but I don't usually do restaurants. I'm saving my money. Hoping to do something with my life. New area looks nice but far away and foreign and most of all small.

Hmm. Is it finally time for that great occupation shift? Would I have a better time with whatever I choose over this than I do with what I've already chosen? And what would I want to choose if I try some news?

I'm just detailing the downsides with the potential new locale here. It's not bad work otherwise, or a bad place currently. Good people. Free bananas. No cellphones. No excess magnetic fields and microwave radiation.

The levels at the office are roughly 400x lower than they are at home, and home is still relatively low, so getting into any working environment with as little oxidative stress as this doesn't seem probable.

In an all the more wirelessly contaminated world that's a benefit I'm hesitant to give up. And frankly a little scared of living without.

Most workplaces would more so encourage that constant connectivity...

*sigh*Contemplations and stagnations...*sigh*

What's better. What's ideal. Where do I want to go. Am I where I want to be but not who I want to be. Or the other way around? Am I making a difference or am I just wasting my time? Is my day just benign? Do I stray from the line just to gray out and die, when the populace is happy, but they pray on demise? But have a walk and see the sunshine; the rays give us life.

It ain't all bad.

I'm 'bout to get a little well-needed rest before the great move tomorrow, and hopefully drop another dose of leftover movie reviews for a few more days... I re-watched a few old favorites too. Extra reviews on Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down and London Has Fallen.

And The Medallion last week.

Actually I wouldn't call any of these favorites, but movies I felt an urge to re-see. Two of them. The other two just followed naturally.

That's all. Good night y'all. Tumble free.


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