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Turbulence (2016)

Turbulence (2016)

This one was clearly a TV movie.

You notice it in the music. In the actors. In the stretched-out dialog, and suspense, and the loosely tied plot elements. For example: Sarah Plumber is an FBI agent. It seems unlikely her next-seat neighbor would be able to put such mental pressure upon her with a simple hostage scenario that she completely forgets her training and lets the villain get the upper hand.

I also can't help notice the unnaturally square plane windows, and wonder if it's a real plane at all. Due to air pressure and turbulence cracking windows with corners, they made them round, so if that really is a real plane... well I hope it's old and out of commission. Just like stewardess.

Reading up on the IMDB goofs page I'm made aware of many more inconsistencies, regarding how the FBI work, and the technology they use, and details like these, but disregarding those it's a pretty good thriller.

It keeps the suspense high, and the characters are convincing enough even if their actions sometimes feel badly scripted. Dina Meyer and Victoria Pratt play the main characters, and Brent A. McCoy the main villain. The latter really isn't presented in as shady light as he could have though, and in the end you almost feel sorry for him. He just seems like such a sorry guy. Sorry. That might be the impression they're trying to give, but when justice is finally served I wish it felt all the more just. Of course he shouldn't get away with what he did, but I just wish they'd made him seem a bit more powerful; a bit more sinister...

The adventure all starts when he kills a young lady, and a camera catches the act. FBI agent Sarah Plummer jumps on a plane to take care of the trial, but gets an interesting neighbor on the plane, who after initial chit chat lets her know her family's been taken hostage, and she has to delete the video or they'll all die.

Though the entire premise is a technical error (see above) you can feel the tension well enough, and the plot takes a few twists before you know how it'll really end. For a moment the situation really does seem hopeless - Sarah's frustration and despair is perceptible, but then things happen and you know how the rest is about to go...

All in all a good thriller, though the script feels hasty and unresearched, and the atmosphere not as gripping as it could've been if it was made for the movies. It's in the small things.

 rated 2/5: decent


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