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Twister (1996)

After seeing Into The Storm (2014) and reading reviews referencing this movie (as superior), I watched it. It was good. The special effects were way ahead of its time. I really want to see some behind the scenes footage because that tornado path at the end looks like an actual tornado just blew over. So much of the footage looks real. Yet, some parts don't, some parts just look cheesy. Like those cows. Holy cow.

The characters share an amazing chemistry (they also did in the aforementioned movie) and their venture through the destruction and chaos, in difference to Into The Storm, actually has a meaning: they want to develop a warning system that lets people get out of the way before it's too late. To do this, they need to analyze the tornado's up close, and in the process of trying and continually failing, they ride out two of them point black.

The eye of the storm isn't quite as peaceful, and the technicalities are a bit different, a bit more professional, and rather than an armored vehicle specifically designed to withstand tornadoes they have a regular red pick-up. They had a yellow one first, but that one blew away.

This, along with character back stories and relations, the lack of an airport with a jumbo jet and the incredibly close-hand carnage you experience with each nearing of the wind, does make it seem somewhat more realistic. It's a bit more down-to-Earth. It's a bit more nineties. I like that drive-through cinema scene and the final blast. The soundtrack is different. There's never a large amount of tornadoes at any one area, and for the most part there are no large crowds of people either, just the one group.

Is it superior to Into The Storm? No, I don't think so, they both have their pros and cons and deviations in destruction and character relation. They have similarities, but they have enough differences to offer completely individual experiences. As this one is fresh on my mind and the other a week old I can't say for sure which one I liked more, or which one had the larger emotional impact, but I think this one is the favorite and the other had the impact. I loved them both!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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