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Two Keyboards At The Same Time

Two players playing on one computer can be a bit difficult, unless you have two keyboards that is, or how about three? If you have that many lying around you should try it out. Unfortunately I only have two, excluding a really old keyboard I can't plug in to this computer (wrong kind of plug), but two is enough for the moment, and probably forever. Most multi-player-on-one-computer-games don't support more than two players anyway.

So anyway, why buy a console when you can play games on your PC any day with keyboard or controller or joystick or whatever you pluginit? You can even use your old NES controllers if you're skilled enough. Not that I have any old NES controllers, I never had a NES (excluding that one I bought for the sake of selling a couple of years back), but if I had, I could've done that. Yeah.


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