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Typhoon (2005)

Typhoon (2005)

How do they keep making so friggin' sad movies! Koreans...

It's a terrorist movie. A modern day pirate movie. And a tale of injustice and truth, starring two main characters - one good, one bad - on seperate sides of the law, that as they cross paths realize more and more that maybe they're really not so different.

The special effects are alright, Toto wasn't done justice, and the other guy who flew out of the cabin seems like a lost thread. Didn't he survive...?

But otherwise they capture the emotion so good. The storm so good. The boat has me thinking of RE: Dead Aim, and the atmosphere a bit of old action classics like The Rock. Needless to say that's good.

I love this. The culture's different, but just like the main characters could've been brothers were they born in a different time or place, so does the medium of movies seem to bridge that cultural divide between us.

Keep on rocking, never forgotten. Like a typhoon siege sweep us off our feet.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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