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Typing Err-or?

I've been going through old posts, and one thing that strikes me is the amount of typographical errors I left uncorrected. The reason is pretty basic, I didn't have a spell check on my blog, and I wasn't bothered to use any external services. Besides, there were no good spell checkers online back then (there are now). I still don't have one on my blog, but since I use Mozilla Firefox with a built in spell check, there is no problem. It checks for typos only though, not grammar, so all the errors I might find with a program such as Word are still unfound here, but that doesn't matter much, I don't post all too bad.

The question I've been pondering over this morning is what defines a typing error. So far there are four uncorrectly typed words here (five now). There's blog, twice. There's online, unfound & uncorrectly. Blog is a word, I checked, and so is online, so those don't count.

As for unfound, it's a word I made up, and so is uncorrectly. For uncorrectly there is a valid alternative, incorrectly, but for unfound there is no alternative. I make up words as I go, and if they don't exist, does it count as a spelling error? Or is it just an abstraction? Does that sentence I just wrote count as a grammatical error, since I'm using a word in the wrong vocabular context, or am I allowed to mess with language as much in written form as in vocal?

When I write unfound, it's the context that binds it, that makes it understandable. If you heard the word separately you might think of it defining the act of unfinding something, making it not found, instead of it being not found to begin with. Same thing with the abstraction example.

Sometimes I post wordplay too, like in the title of this post, or in ehh... the 'CyberD is heir' piece I designed earlier. It's not a typo, it's not an error, in my point of view. How about you? Any thoughts on this? Be great to hear them!


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  1. Tomer Guez
    Friday May/21/2010

    Yes, spell check helps a lot. You might want to take a look at Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It is a terrific spell checker that works in all programs, including blogs, and an optional grammar check.

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