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Typing To The Test

Remember 10 Fast Fingers? Well I just discovered something similar to test my speed-typing tendencies! It has a little more competitive an interface, different categories - complete with what you might call dialectal typos if you happen to go by American English - and rankings that let you list your initials, score, location (as long as it's within the UK) and see how you rank.

It's pretty fun. Give it a try. I got...




British Towns






TV Shows

Learned a few new things too. Like how mezzo forte is actually a musical term, not just an iconic anime title...


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  1. S3C
    Sunday Sep/22/2019

    I got 30+ on all of them..37 highest on food. T.V. shows is the hardest

  2. Cyber
    Monday Sep/23/2019

    Wooo man, impressive. :O Do you type with all fingers? Any official schooling there?

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