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Ultimate Code (2021)

Ultimate Code (2021)

GAEA = GAIA? Reminds me of META too, the inglorious new FB startup..

I like the premise, but oh man was it.. exaggerated!

The first and last fight in particular. Bollywood style action but with a surplus of special effects to the point it's just painful to watch.

Felt like they borrowed a bit from Mission Impossible with the old city scene and bike chase, and from Crank with the end, and the beginning reminded me of Sniper (2020). It felt like both an an equally bad-ass and equally excessive beginning, and though the movie does have some strong points - a lot of the inbetween stuff was great - it ends up... messy.

The main reason I watched this was for David Belle - iconic parkour founder rarely in movie roles, but unfortunately he has but a short cameo. It's cool to see him fight for a change, but it also feels like they wasted his potential when they didn't even let him do real jumps.

Some more explosive scenes look real but are unfortunately filmed badly.

The explosions in the warehouse in particular blind the camera. The lighting's bad. It's in stark contrast to sometimes so very luxurious and clean locales, and the actors are great. They redeem it a bit.

I loved bits and pieces of this but it just doesn't feel wholesome at all. Feels like they had the capabilities to make a killer movie but didn't have the right direction to make it happen, and just wasted good resources.

It ends on a good note though. Or a bad one. But a meaningful one.

Beware of chips. And cherish humanity.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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