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Ultimate Predator (2006)

Ultimate Predator (2006)

I watched this movie thinking it had something to do with Steve-O, but he only appears to say a few words about the main character: Mr. Manny Puig, a guy who goes swimming with sharks, catches alligators & hangs out with bears for a living.

A crazy guy, basically, and it's amazing he's survived all this time with all the crazy adventures he's been on! Even more so his camera man, Mark, who's always near, yet always in great fear and danger and with zero expertise in handling the beasts that populate the area.

It's an entertaining movie, and at the same time an educational one. It's a documentary with lots of footage of fishes and alligators and bears and... well, it's intense. At the same time it's peaceful: nature is always nearby; the world feels easier when the extreme monuments therein are simplified. I mean, mostly when people speak of bears they speak of people being eaten or running away or seeing one at a distance. Being this close to the brutal beasts of the world wide wild, and even wrestling around with them, somehow makes the world seem not so dangerous after all. Buy hey, don't try this stuff at home anyway!

I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed all the unique and life-threatening encounters, and the learning, and though Steve-O & Knox aren't the main characters here (though I wouldn't have been aware of this movie were it not for their guest appearances) I don't mind: the main character may just have been even more interesting.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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