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Underworld 5 - Blood Wars (2016)

Underworld 5 - Blood Wars (2016)

I must have watched the fourth movie in a blur, because I barely remember it, and the plot here ties to events in previous movies that I'm not even certain I've seen, like there was a movie between this and the latter... but there wasn't. When did Eve part ways with Selene? Wasn't Michael alive? How did they all regroup after The Purge?

Maybe it's time for a re-view of earlier movies - or maybe there are a few loose ends here that no prequels will heal.

Apart from that, and the surplus darkness and sometimes all-too-obvious special effects (sometimes it feels like it's all special effects) this was good. The action's brutal: stuff that'll take out your spine. The scenery takes a trip to the North, with beautiful skylights and, like in the third movie, towering castles. Maybe it is the same castle as in the third...? Nah, couldn't be. It's a colder world here. Colder and darker.

It seems like the world grows darker with each of these sequels too, and this time not a single human's in sight, only Vampires and Lycans... but maybe it's been that way for a while now? It seems the story is back to that of it's roots: the feud between two particular races, and the humans are left alone. I felt that after the previous it might've taken a different turn, but I'm both a bit disappointed that it didn't, and a bit relieved, as the fourth did go in an almost Resident Evil-like direction. This may have flaws, but at least it stays true to the franchise.

Kate Beckinsale still looks as eternal as her alias (no doubt much thanks to surpus of special effects), but in case of another five sequels they at least give her gray hair. :) It felt conclusive, but who knows how it might turn out. The Lycans escape, and the Vampires are outnumbered. The battle... rages on? Maybe we'll see soon.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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