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Undisputed (2002)

Undisputed (2002)

Time to dive back to the prison fight movie #1! The one with Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames AKA George Chambers AKA The Iceman - a title that becomes reoccurring within this particular franchise, and is by the way also an alternative title for this one movie. And the one Tyson went by IRL.

It's a good movie. It's got some Michael Rooker and Peter Falk, and was directed by Walter Hill - a big fan of boxing, who said this in an interview: Some say Hollywood movies that are made about boxing, are just metaphors for other things, I think I've made one that's actually about boxing, and not a metaphor.

I think I agree. It's not a particularly deep or flashy movie, but a thorough one, and the one fight that all trials and training sessions lead up to is one thorough fight.

Props on Wesley and Ving for really lending their roles credibility too. Ving trained for two years to get in suitable form, and Wesley learned from the best. And y'all know Wesley. Authentic fight. Good show. Lots of attitude.

The title's worthy.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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