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Undisputed 3 - Redemption (2010)

Undisputed 3 - Redemption (2010)

Bad knee, good knee, no knee... you can rely on Boyka to put up a good fight either way! Though it certainly hasn't been easy it seems he did recover from the fatal injury in his last round, and when talk of a nationwide prison tournament comes up: he wants in. Enter Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Lateef Crowder, Esteban Cueto and quite a few new fighters too! Gone is the Iceman: it's all Boyka now.

And oddly enough he's suddenly become a somewhat sympathetic main character. You could say the shift is for the worse, in that the movie loses a bit of its former edge, but at the same time it also shows that everything isn't all black and white. It depends on how you're looking at the picture.

It's another good fight movie too. I'm starting to feel like parts of these soundtracks are pretty out of place, but overall there's little to complain about. The choreography stays strong, and once again it's a tough ride to the ultimate victory, with quite a few people trying to get in the way of the one and only. And that's all, then he's Undisputed once again. For now.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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