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Unknown Names Of The Walking Dead

I just finished the latter half of the latest season of Walking Dead - the only TV series I still follow, and two interesting names popped up in the credits.

At the end of episode 9: James Heltbridle. According to The Independent: Heltibridle was a filmmaker, beloved by the cast and crew of The Walking Dead, who passed away in November 2016. He worked in the props department of the AMC series since season six and was tragically killed in a car accident on his way home from set.

And at the end of the season, after episode 16: Bernie Wrightson. According to The Independent: Wrightson was an American artist best known for co-creating popular horror character the Swamp Thing as well as an array of other popular horror comics. His work was said to be a key influence for many of the production team working on The Walking Dead, and he passed away aged 68, on the 18th of March, of cancer.

So, there you go. Now you know.

As for the season: it ended as each season's been ending a long time now, with potential for a continuation.

It's like they're dragging out the plot as well as they can, to lure in new viewers, and keep old ones like me coming back, but at this point there's really nothing new to it. No twists. No new characters. No revelations. People go back and forth and get themselves in trouble, and it all boils down to the same thing once more. Redemption. Revenge. Slaughter. Fighting for those you care about, and though it maintains the tension well, and ends with a killer show, it's getting tiresome. There's no conclusion. No satisfaction. No end in sight.

That's why I watch this series in marathons instead of just one episode at the time. I'm not the kind of person willing to spend my time looking forward to the next episode when I know the next episode is just an excuse for another, and another... yet I do want to know how it all goes! Come next year I'll wait till the next season's out and catch up then, and hope it's over. Like a movie.

I don't expect it will be, but hope's what keeps us alive right? Without it we'd be just a huge, collective, walking dead. And it'll just spread like a series.

But at least some interesting names popped up this season! RIP James, and Bernie, and all the rest who didn't make it.


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