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Unstoppable (2010)

Unstoppable (2010)

Unstoppable is a movie about a train that won't stop.

A few people play key roles in the story. Among them there's Denzel Washington as a very experienced railer and then there' that actor who played the captain in the Star Trek movie from 2009, Chris Pine was the name, as an inexperienced conductor. Both have great charisma and really fit in the leading roles. There are a few other interesting people in the mix, among them a pony-tailed cowboy with a red truck and that stupid guy from My Name Is Earl. I've been wondering if he really is stupid or just acts stupid, so I decided to look him up. The name is Ethan Suplee, and though I haven't seen a movie (or series) where he doesn't play someone stupid, it seems like he really isn't, which suddenly makes him a much more admirable actor. I haven't cared for actors earlier, I just watched the movies, so what's with this sudden change I wonder?

Anyway, the movie starts with the stupid guy losing his train. The train speeds up, without air brakes, apparently carrying a few containers of something really toxic that could do great damage like leveling out a whole town for added suspense and the two main actors just happen to be on the wrong track at the right time. It all ends with... well, I probably shouldn't say, go watch it. Overall it's a movie filled with suspense and a lot of trains, so if you like trains, you might like this movie. I don't know if the trains act like they do in reality or if enthusiasts will be disappointed by the lack of realism, but it looks real to me. The filming is great, the acting is great, the soundtrack is gritty and fitting and there's always something happening. There are no real villains, no guns, and few explosions, yet still they managed to keep up the pace.

This movie gets a strong

 rated 3/5: not bad

by me, clearly good, worth watching.


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