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Up! (2009)

Up! (2009)

This movie is amazing. I watched it for the second or third time yesterday, and yet the introductory sequence still digs deep into my soul.

One of many things that make this movie unique is how they fit in an entire life story in just the introductory sequence, a young adventurer watches a great idol get accused of fraud, walks home, meets a girl, gets married, they get a house, they save money, they have dreams, they spend money, they get old, and in the end all that's left is him, the main character, memories and a life quite unlike how it used to be. A construction site surrounds his house, and when he one day bashed a worker in the head with a broken mailbox (accident) things head for the worse. His house is about to be taken, a retirement home seems like the only remaining option, and that's when...

He steers his house with a cloud of balloons to Paradise Falls, to finally live the adventure he and Elly always dreamed of.

Up until this point it's been a somewhat realistic movie, sad, bitter, and yet not very long. This is where the adventure starts, and as the house drifts over the cityscapes, the balloon cloud casting colorful shadows on the faces of all ages, it's clear this is going to be one amazing movie.

And it is. It's both familiar and foreign, safe and exotic, adventurous and calm, and the fact that the main character is an old man who moves slow and doesn't have any real teeth... well that doesn't matter one bit. There's drama, there's comedy, there's action, there's everything! The plot is both consistent and surprising, and it's particularly nice how even the most insignificant details play a role. Everything that we are shown at the start of movie isn't just shown to fire up the story, it's all tied together. That might be my favorite aspect of this movie, there is nothing superfluous, there is so much symbolism; it's a venture as much through your own mind as through the characters great escapade. For both young and old, human and animal.

When it's all over my spirits are as the title, Up! And the entire journey's been one great adventure... even the credits. Great movie.

Fantastic movie.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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