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Inktober #14 - Space Walk

AKA A Game Of, Keep Trying 2, Try Harder, Play, Game On...

Cyberdevil. Nabella. Yeah!

If life's a game! Than I can change it.
I can make my way away! And re-arrange bits.
Cheat my way through this music. Yes I can do it do it.
Just have to play. Just have to play...

I have half a brain! So I'm not all stupid!
It ain't quite the same since I no longer am the new kid!
People know what day it is, and they know I ain't one to fool with.
Though I forget the days a bit when I'm out here drinking coolant.

Hey Nabella! You want go spacey and interstellar?
Take a trip to Mars till our skeletons are like jello? Huh? Huh?
I want to see the stars but I wouldn't dare blast off cause I lack lots
Of factoids! I do have balls but you need more than balls for that odd-essey.

Been at odds with society! My whole life I only wanted to be free.
I zonked on P.E. I wasn't much for moving. Only in my head a whole storm was brewing.
Blew winds out of my mouth when it opened! Silent kid but you wouldn't really know him
If you hear me when I'm out here flowing holding on to something New. Grounds... move round.


If life's a game! Then I can change it.
I can make my way away! And re-arrange bits.
Cheat my way through this truant! Be I the hugest doofus.
Just have to play. Just have to play...

I never lacked a saying! I could write all day like I'm a two-bit putrid comp.
Stomp the world with my wants. AI's taking over though. Front.
Backdrop though uh! That'd be me. I'm happy when I be here batting to emcee.
With track or with beat I be maccing in my sleep got a knack for this see.

Cyberdevil! That would be me! Huh. Yeah...

Inktober #13 - Hesitation Nation


Here we go again! Feeling like an alien!
Show must go it cannot end! Cannot be betraying them!
Mind is in control again! Spitting out a ray of sense!
Arranging my code again! Put 'em in arrays again!

I don't strafe for nothing. Will not move or budge an inch.
If you bludgeon me I may put up a shield.
I'd rather run away than fight you cause I'm proud to live.
No use in using violence. Who am I trying to kid?

Who am I trying to kid?

If you go at me with a gat then I will rap like MGK
Put you in a body bag or better yet a plate: Susie Filet.
Soup for days! Stuff a suited you in a suitycase!
Chew your face! I'm a devil when I get into that vein!

I don't strafe for nothing. The Cyberdemon in this game.
I won't case your pudding. I will throw it in your face.
Won't erase your passcode. I will hack you till your brains.
Spray out on the asphalt. Did I go too far with my rage?

Who am I trying to raise. From the dead.
When all of you are placing your bets. Forget it.
I'm not the Grinch I'm the bringer of the dreaded.
Death is on my friendlist - don't be too offended.

Who am I trying to kid! Aah!

But here we go again! Open up the flow again!
Throw my heart and soul again! Into a black hole again!
I found the road again! Rowing in my boat again!
I just learned to float again! Kennin-ji the oldest Zen!

Say I don't pray for nothing. But I feel I have closed my mind.
Pray that I can find the key and maybe open it in time.
Won't say I'll choose religion. Over logic/common sense.
But I do feel like my spirit needs to fly out of its pen.

I'm still a child a kid... uh.

Inktober #12 - Keep Trying

You want to keep trying don't you?
Just keep on goin' my friend don't let 'em provoke you.
They'll keep on playing their mindgames and their old jokes.
Make you feel mentally like you're in a chokehold.

But you can't let 'em get to you or control you.
I see the soul in you shining with a cold blue.
Diamonds, you gotta polish them they are so crude!
Life can be beautiful if you go on stroll through.

In the beginning it's lined with blood and victims,
And government and prison - all types of cagey buildings,
But if you keep on going you'll get to the point it's thinning,
See the green fields that stretch on with the living-

It's the beginning. It's where you're going my friend.
It's when you're winning. It's why the show must not end.
If you stop can't anything get you going again!
Take it slow but steady you got it going' already!

Keep on trying! Leap and fly in!
Sky is open. No more hiding.
See the hope rise. With each sunrise.
They try to box you in. Raise your thumbs high.

'Thumbs up' instead of 'raise your cup'
Run away from confrontation, leave it to other schmucks
Encircle yourself with people you can rely on
And keep going, and if you fail? TRY ON.

You didn't fail if you try on!

Keep trying.

Inktober #11 - Get It Yo


I'm back. From the wild. Like a child.
Want to encapsulate my mind.
With my raps. And my trials.
And I'll try not to leave y'all behind.

Keep it under wraps like a rat in kitchen!
Make you feel like you're on crack if you have a listen!
Make people stand way back to not get aneurysms!
Totally forget their manners and get mad ambition!

I'm packed. Had a meal. Had a track.
Want to incorporate this grind.
In the beat. In my backlog.
And I'm glad when I feel it's time.

To get up and attack like a tattered hitman!
Batteries all slathered up with ammunition!
Ambulances amicably manage carry victims!
Who headbanged till their back's like that of a pigeon!

Can't keep it under hundred, can't keep it under.
Can't keep it under hundred, can't keep it under,
Can't keep it under hundred, can't keep it under.

I'm back. From the wild. Like a child.
Want to encapsulate my mind.
With my raps! And this time!
I will harden until I shine.

Keep on going at it until I'm a diamond!
Don't want to free solo but I'll keep on climbing!
Always got a harness like my frigging day job!
But one month of the year I will make their brains nod!

Keep on till my peers look at me like hey Bob!
Why are you not doing this daily full time?
I think that you are out of your mind!!!
It is like you are destined to

Sit in a jar of brine! And spice me up until I'm fine and dandy.
As a pickle! Or as Snicker candy they demand me.

Can't keep it under hundred, can't keep it under.
Can't keep it under hundred, can't keep it under,
Can't keep it under hundred, can't keep it under.

Inktober #10 - Afterman

But thanks to the scoop outflew the coop
"I'm heading to the wild ya'll!"
I'll shit the shoot

Spent two days at the cottage,
Without power or wattage,
Yet hours flew a lot eh?
I'm back and amped like Scotty

Strange though how that can be
Fly up to charge your batteries
But you can't charge 'em without
Some kind of current factory

Amped up without amps!
Charged up without charge!
Yet I did go for a drive in a
Starved electric Car!

A Kia Niro hybrid
Was too easy to drive it
Want a chassi that rumbles
And makes you feel alive in!

But I cant complain must mention
Automatic windshield wipers and suspension
It flew over those rolling roads with no
Speed bump apprehension

And I spent so much time walking!
With boots that weighed a ton!
And talking of old relatives
Who died when I was young!

A village of two hundred
Used be two thousand some!
Yet in the night and mist
Light persists. All but glum.

And the firewood that sparkled,
Lit up the indoor darkness.
We used up all old candle stumps,
From years and years of harvest.

Skinny dipping in the morning
In a lake so still and dormant
Wake it up when you hit it
It hits you up with instant warming!

What a paradox though it's freezing!
Spent last night all just sneezing!
Almost thought I might be feeling
A cold going on this season

I've been speaking without reason
Eating berries where they leave 'em
Picking greens and eating pike-perch
Finger-licking freedom!

It's been easy it's been hectic!
Flew on the freeway back to the exit
Gotta get gas leave keys check baggage
Wade through queues now packed like cabbage

All the 'rona guise has lifted,
People flying like they're living,
People vibing out with children,
Throwing bags they throw intill them

I've been living double fast!
Days fly and now I'm back with the bubble wrap
And the mask and the trouble that waits in the governed land.
Hygiene, be clean, don't hold MY hand!

Leave that in the rugged back,
With the smile with the little while, all is lost in a mile,
And now you struggle with the cost of denial
And of living in a way where you ought to have gotten the job and the wife and...

Gotten into the stock and the norm,
Gotten propped on forgotten reforms,
Why are you feeling like it all stops with the storm,
Keep waiting for a change! Want a LOT and then more!

Want meaning not a plot to enGeorge.
Live forged till you drop in the morgue
It's a feeble life propped by the evil guys,
Want to be free and write just flee from the... neon skies!

Seek apocalypse now like the bottom.
Is what we need to reach to find options.
Whole world now feels like Compton
Looks like paradise, FEELS like problems

Left and right like Crips and Bloods
Let them gather on sides, forget us,
Keep paving the way they can't keep up
Leave 'em running pothole roads till they're stuuck

While we ride on and clear the rights...
Anyway I'm flying through some airy skies
Looking at clouds in a sea down below me
Wonder if this is how it feels to be holding... iNC

I'm back... I think.
Whole weekend just fleeew by... in a blink.
And I'm hella tired but just showered wildly.
So I do not stink if you move beside me.

Word out.

Inktober #9 - An Observation From The Wild

It's another day in the rough, away!
Away in the wild where all is tough and gray!
It may be gray and tough, but also tough and great!
Even on rainy days you feel so much awake!

If I always lived for real I'd be so buff and in shape.
Wonder how much it'd take to chase my junction away,
Where I am stuck in my fake world, where sunshine's a tray
Of LED panels and there's no trunk and no lake.

To hug or dive into, and no sauna to bake in!
No grass to be cutting! No leaves to be raking!
I guess these too are pastimes. Too akin to fake things.
When life becomes EASY, for hardship we make things.

And routines to rob us. So slowly we break in.
Broke into a system where there's no wish of escaping.
Where days have no purpose, and it's great on the surface,
We're still afraid and nervous of any little disturbance.

We have food in a pile, and the hugest denial.
We've no predators - better off? We're humans in trials!
An experiment merriment. Can we be happy and pay a fee.
To feel a material bliss, trade in our age to be free.

Free as a pensioner when we're old and unable to be
It's why I feel like our world's still built around slavery!
And why I think I, when I am out in the periphery,
Feel this is how it SHOULD feel to live and breath.

This is real. This is me. This is WHY... there's a value in our history.

A little observation from the wild...

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