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Inktober #8 - Day Won

Day 1. Hey fam, I'm now up in the rough until I'm grand!
I am not strange to, these lands. Yet it feels strange every time I land!
Just like an anal, decorum. I'm less a stranger, to floral,
Or all murals, in Bro, that they keep painting in all our corridors!

But this day one, it ran. Although cold like you would expect it!
Still feels I'm up at my nexus taking all necessary steps to.
Get stepping. Get ripped - get wrecking old ghosts within this mist!
Amidst old foes with friends assists! Andreas sends A-list items!

In Stockholm I can't believe that I feel as sensitive as I do there!
Here there's new fear like... carbon monoxide sips!
It's all real here and it feels right, I feel I'm ripe for a move.
But how would you do... all winter all friends and family are back in Bro?

Fuck that though the pine's so green and fresh here!
When you breath you are breathing fresh air!
When you read it's in candlelight, and you can handle night,
This land's high and tight like an amalgamite!

A man can fight panic by a Packard packed with plight,
But when you're handed an axe you just stuck up high and strike,
And it's SIMPLE! Like these tracks when I'm back the mic,
And there's no other path in sight! Sight's nice like a pan of pike!

Day 1's been a blast and I'm passing time like I'm last in line...
But just looking around the scenery and enjoying it,
While everyone else is running around with annoyances...


Inktober #7 - Go Wild

I'mmm taking a trip this weekend,
pre-recorded this cause see
I'm still not where I wish this evening.
So I just keep on fleeing.

Why this shit is repeating?
But I'll be on my retreat, where I just eat sleep
and just see to breathing.
Of course still be emceeing.

I'll be in the wildest region!
Where we don't got powered floors
Not even a power chord, no wifi yet
I'll be fly like a motherboard or like I'm a sword

Thrown by somebody with a bloodied torso,
More so I'll snuggle undercover cause it's cold
like a motherfucker but I got wood so
We can warm each other all night at least all summer!

Never been there in October so I'm kind of fearful...
That you can't warm the indoor air
and the water's clear but hella cold!
Be careful...

Gotta take the canoe to get water from a fresh spring!
Living in the free and the wild is a blessing!
In a way you could say it's the best thing but
If the fire don't warm I will... get thin?

Burn fat like a motherfucker!
And I'ma chop wood good and take a shower!
Cause we got a big tank you put fire under!
And a handheld pump to get it up and running!

The mechanics just work and it's such a wonder!
Simple life! Making waffles on a wooden stove
in the candlelight! Fireplace with an open glow!
I'm sold! This place is the motherload!

But if the powerbank tanks I might miss a daily.
Or connection overloads and connection fails me.
But I'll still write prose and record it maybe when I get back...
If such setbacks ail me.

Haaail freedom! Speedom. Wild and crazy.


Inktober #6 - piandrum.mp3

It's been a long time coming! Cyberdevil! stevetherapper! Ah! Let's get to drumming!

I can keep the beat pretty darn easily! You can't mess this up for me!
The world seems to be going through some endless suffering! But that's enough let's sing! Uh!

p i a n d r u m . m p 3

Inktober #5 - I'll Say

AKA Word Up, So They Say, The Saying, As They Say, As I Say, Say...

I've... been saying the same thing every day!
For days straight. More like weeks, months... okay
For years mate. But this is what I've got to say!
If you don't hear great maybe you'll hear this anyway!

It's just: motivation. To get you racing!
Realization. To punch your face in!
Recreation. For some escaping aaand
Desperation! Cause let us face it.

This world is craaazy! Though still amazing.
But I wonder if this post-apocalyptic trend,
In media means we really WANT to escape this
Matrix. And go back to basics again.

Like self-actualization. The more we say it
The more probable there really will come a day when
The apocalypse comes in like: I ain't playing!
And so goes our pre post-apocalyptic gaming

And we go Postal. So if you play Chernobyl
Maybe you really oughta try some other game?
It won't be much fun when it's all one and the same.
When we're gunning to get by on a regular day.

So... let me say this. NOTHING's sacred.
In this modern world where we take the blame.
And refrain from being honest in conversation,
And honestly... I don't really know what I'm saying.

But hey, I'll be saying the same thing every day
Slaving away like it's never too late to change!
Always tomorrow, to step up my game.
But when I do do these verses: it's never a shame.

Word up. Tomorrow. Murdah.

This Is How One Master Thyself

Inktober #4 - Actualize

Actual life! Actualize... actual life. Actual life... actualize... I just want to! Actualize... actual life... actualize... actual life... actualize... actual life...


I was rolling through the backstreets.
Looking at the black sheep. Trying to enact me.
Everybody want to be somebody that they can't be.
You can only be who you are neath the candid candy.

Canvas. Empty like our planet.
That we keep exploiting. Making our own void in.
Artificial black hole. Sounds like a toy but
All we are is poison. All we do destroooy!

But I don't want to be the bad man!
Smacking the world with my backhand.
I want to start a whole new program, program the code and
Make it our new system. Make them all listen.

I don't want to be controlling,
I just want the soul in my body to be whole
And I behold this world - it spins out of control
Some days I don't want to care, want to let it go I just want to...

( Actualize... actual life. x4 )


I was roaming through the badlands.
Looking at the cool dude. Wanting to be that man.
Why is there programming in us to be bad and
Break things down, till our ground's one we can't stand.

There's radiation in our soil, every nation wants employ.
We're digging our own grave with this radium ploy.
Used to be we spoke but I don't notice any longer
We just want to be bespoke and monger

Handling! Should be done with caution!
Carving out our hearts to get a handle on our saucing!
Material offspring! Generation awesome!
Generate a fat check! Let us all soften

Till we're all heaps of a blubber filled!
With ill will! Forget the juggalos and freedom gilts, like Ill Bill!
Those who speak what no other will! Like Rugged Man,
Come on over to the other land - we're all brothers and

( chorus )


I was throwing up the Last Dab!
Don't know why I torture myself over that bag!
Do I want to be a martyr if I can't make a difference?
Shifting on the chair in my plane of existence.

Flying up North again to farm and have a fun time.
I don't want no silver and no gold still I run mine.
Value's in the Earth, in our water and our fresh air,
Strong when I stand out. You cannot be less here.

Because here is awesome!
Because here we live for real!
Because here there's no fakery!
Here there's no ideals!

Here there's just survival!
Here there's just revival!
Here just makes you smile all day
Always all's tough but all is GREAAAT! YEAAAH!


Everything's so petty when you step out of your head!
Everything's alive when you leave all that is dead!
Our structures of plastic and metal - no shortage!
Nature's just buried in our belly and we're married to the telly

And the mainstream! Damming up the main stream!
Realize that it makes seem like we're all lazy?
Meanwhile why are we more stressed up than ever.
Calm down look around and do better - realize you can

( chorus x2 )


I was roaming round the city! Everything was vile and gritty!
People say that it's bright and pretty!
See the neon signs shining - undermining all the starlight?
Ain't that a pity?

Wonder if I'm just cynical, wonder if I'm negative,
If I'm anti everything they let us build,
Anti all our progress, anti all achievement,
I just can't see how the streets keep us breathing!

Feel one day we'll choke on our progressive fumes!
Hope one day we'll find a new reason to get into!
That one day our whole future will look a bit different!
Anti-establishment, management, prison!

Pro all choice, all voice, all children!
So no more coy politics, antics, religion!
No more destroying everything that we're always building,
Since people want to both live in AND break the system

Wouldn't that be the vision?
The dream. The thing we're always missing...

Me? What do I want to do?

( chorus )

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