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Valkyrie (2008)

Valkyrie (2008)

This one tells a different tale of the second World War. The tale of Germans who fought Germans. A plot to assassinate Hitler... well, one of many. How it started, how it stalled, and how it ended, and Tom Cruise plays the main Colonel. Or at least the movie portrays him as the main one.

As always there's just something about WW2 movies! This one's no different. It may be more. It may be more realistic. It may be less. It may be more explosive. It may be more focused on the intrigue than the trenches - the finer parts of the country, like the Wolf's Lair, but what a brooding they build! And what an aura around the one and only. Say what evil you may say about him but he had a special kind of stature. He exuded fear, and respect, and loyalty... and kindness to those he held close. To those who did his bidding. To those who shared his dream.

I don't mean to sound supremacist here, but they conveyed that bit so well in the movie, and the fascination surrounding his persona is a large part in why these war movies still hold such appeal. Each meeting made you really sit at the edge of your seat, and it wasn't only because there was a plot to kill him involved with each one, either.

The irony that he commended his assassin... that's the one part I wonder about. Was it true? Was it just a little bit of mockery they decided to sneak into the movie, against the authenticity overall? Seems unfitting.

It was a great one otherwise. One that really takes the war from another angle. From the heart of Germany. From behind the drawing board. From a segregated nation that refused to stay idle even before they lost their war.

Maybe I should rate this higher...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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