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Versus (2000)

Versus (2000)

Versus is a Japanese movie about killers. They all gather up in a forest and start fighting, and the fight goes more and more overboard, partially turns into a chase, into a search, and from what seemed like an ordinary exchange to something completely different involving immortal beings or aliens from another planet or know what really. Well if you watch the movie maybe you will, I won't spoil it

In terms of location it's pretty basic. It's the forest and the actors, and a little bit of road by the side, and that's the all the scenery there is. There's not that much dialog, but it fills in the gaps between fights and chases quite well, and the fights have some pretty bloody; creative effects. At the end it surprises and entertains (and maybe grosses out a bit too), and considering there's not that much going on (though there's more going on than you think is going on), it stays captivating until the end. Good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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